Q – How long will my session take?

A –  That is a trick question.   It depends on who I am shooting and what mood the kids are in!

For families, depending on how many kids are involved, most shoots take between 1 and 1 1/2 hours.   If it takes longer for kids to warm up to the idea of having their pictures taken, it may take longer.

For newborns, it totally depends on the infant and how often they need to eat or cuddle with their Mom and Dad!   The perfect newborn shoot includes a well feed, naked and sleeping baby so we will do whatever we need to do to get your newborn comfortable.

Q – What should we wear?

I always say simple, simple, simple!   Simple keeps the focus on the subject and creates timeless portraits.    A lot of my clients go the jeans with white shirt route, others go khakis and white shirts, while others go with simple sundresses and flip flops!   In the fall, I love the browns and cremes!   What ever you do, avoid busy patterns or dressing your kids in multiple prints or florals.    The most important thing is that you pick clothing that tells your families story.   If you are always in jeans and flip flops, why hand a picture on the wall of you in a suit?   Allow your pictures to speak for who you are everyday!

Maternity shoots are very intimate and a simple black button down shirts or tube top work best!  Focusing on the baby bump is the key to a great maternity portrait.  I also encourage you to bring several outfits that reflect your personality and style for outdoor maternity shoots.

Clothing for newborns is simple.  Naked is best.   Clothing usually doesn’t fit them when they are under 2 weeks old anyway, so why not focus the attention of the photos on all of the little amazing parts of the baby including their awesome bellies, hands, feet, etc.    Don’t stress about the umbilical cord either, it is who they are.

Q – Where will my session be?

You decide!  I have been all over the place including all of the local parks, schools, villages, railroad tracks, etc.    Your own backyard may be the perfect location as well!   All I ask is that you pick a location that has some shade and/or mature trees.   Lighting is key to good quality pictures, so partial shade is wonderful!  I LOVE new and exciting locations so if you have an idea, share it!

Q – What if my kids just don’t cooperate and we don’t get any pictures?

A – I am a Mom.  I have three kids and I know their are days when they just don’t want my camera in their face.   It is important to me that you are happy with your pictures and your experience with me is worth your investment.   If you are not happy with your proofs I will offer to re shoot your session.


Q – How long will it take to get my digital proofs?

It usually takes about 1-2 weeks.

Q – How will I order my prints and or digital files?

You will have a portrait selection consultation and an online proof gallery that is password protected.  Please feel free to share you access code for your gallery with your friends and family.

Through the online gallery you will be able to view all of your picture and get a computer estimate of what each proof will look like in the size that you are interested in.   Please keep in mind that this is a computer generated estimate, and that all final cropping, etc is done by me when I actually place your order with the printer.

We will schedule your portrait selection consultation within 2 weeks of your portrait session.    Your order MUST be made and paid for in fill at this consultation, so please make sure you gather your entire order (prints for Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc.) and method of payment BEFORE your ordering session.

I will also be offering digital packages with discounted prints with those packages, so be sure to check out these details on the pricing sheet in the Services section on our website.

Q – How do I pay for my pictures and session fee?

A – Session fees and prints can be paid for with cash, check, or money order.   All payments for prints must be paid in full when you place your order.   Print orders will not be placed until I have received payment.

Q – Do you sell digital files?

Yes!  This is the wave of the future with photographers!   I sell single digital files or files in packages, please see pricing sheet for details.

I will add more FAQ’s as I think of them, but I hope this information is helpful to you!