Portrait Parties

Portrait Parties

Hosting a Portrait Party

What is a portrait party?

Portrait parties the newest fad of in-home gatherings and portrait photography. The concept is simple – gather a group of guests and their families together in a home for a party and we’ll either bring our studio to you or you can choose an on-site outdoor location! Parties can be general family and children sessions or themed sessions such as glamour, babies, seniors, couples, etc… Each guest and their family will get a 15-20 minute photo session during the party. While guests are not required to remain at the party for the full length of time, it is a party so hanging out is encouraged to make the time more enjoyable for all guests. Guests, however, are asked to arrive and be prepared for their session at least 5 minutes before their scheduled time slot.

Online Viewing for Print Parties

Each guest will then be able to view proofs in an online viewing within two weeks of the portrait party. Guests can view these images in the privacy of their own home and order their favorite prints at our regular print pricing. Print order pricing will be provided during the party so that all guests have the information that they need.

What does it take to host a party?

Hosting a portrait party is a great way to bring professional photography into a comfortable environment with friends. Hosting a party is simple; Hosts are asked to provide a pre-prepared (furniture removed, etc…) open room large enough to be transformed into a photo studio . Outdoor settings are also possible within season, weather permitting. You can choose to have your portrait party at a Park or a Lake.  Hosts are also asked to invite 6 to 12 guests and their families and provide a party atmosphere including snack foods, etc… We ask that hosts please provide snack foods that will not get kids dirty easily.

What are the benefits of hosting?

Just like other in-home gatherings of this sort, the responsibilities of being a host are easily offset by the special benefits that accompany hosting. As with the other guests, the host will receive a 15-20 minute photography session.  Hosts will receive a Value Print Package for FREE.

Attending a Portrait Party

Why attend a Portrait party?

Because it’s FUN, that’s why! You get to hang out with friends and/or family and get some portraits taken of you and your family in an enjoyable environment. You won’t be pressured to purchase a bigger package or get a bunch of prints that you don’t need or want.  You can view them in your home, place your order via email, and sit back and wait for your prints or cd. How easy is that?

What’s the catch to attending?

If you’re looking for the fine print, there simply isn’t any… Just show up and be ready for your mini-session at least five minutes before it’s scheduled start time. Bring any props that you want in your images – blankets, toys, hats, jerseys, etc… – that are special to you or your family. Most importantly, relax, and enjoy yourself!

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